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 Sake and Eel  Bento Pairing Vol #10

Available   on June 12    and 13   only. Please call us to pre-order. 

Each Weekend we create a special tapas style bento to pair with sake to take home .

Menu and Sake changes every week.  Hope you can join us.

We are preparing a Eel Bento Box for this Friday and Saturday and we are using one of our favorite toy,

Konro( Japanese Charcoal Grill).

Featured Sake this week is Star Filled Sky.

Located in Tottori, Japan’s least populated prefecture where there is an abundance of natural elements available. This isolation leads to nights with complete darkness, where the stars are in full view.

Aged in tank for 3 years, this umami-rich sake finishes dry and clean from precise fermentation and water minerality. 

Bento Box Set $40 

Bento Box Only $20

Star-filled Sky Sake Only (10oz) $20

Bento Box contain 

Grilled Eel on a bed of rice

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Hijiki Salad

Takuan (Pickle Daikon)

Eel Bento.jpg
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